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Why Integrate Your Home Security?

In the last decade, advanced surveillance systems have been developed to protect our homes. Security systems have become an important part of modern life. New home builders are embracing smart home technology and are integrating it into their construction. Users are looking to integrate their smart home devices into a comprehensive system.


What is an integrated home security system?

An integrated home security system is a multilayered home security network that connects a variety of components. It uses a combination of security products (glass break sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, access control, home automation, fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, 24/7 alarm monitoring) to optimize your home’s safety. It’s the perfect tool for surveillance, monitoring, managing, and protecting your home and family. This security system acts as a hub, allowing you to integrate and seamlessly operate all your automated systems from one place.


Components of an Integrated Security System

Components of an integrated security system vary depending upon your requirements. The following are the key elements of most integrated systems. 

  • Security camera: This component enables live-stream footage remotely and sends a notification when the camera detects movement, people or packages. 
  • Motion sensor: Usually placed in the main entryway on the ground floor of a home, this component detects motion and alerts the system. 
  • Entry sensor: This contact sensor is placed on a window and/or door and senses if that entry point is opened. Entry sensors are suggested for all windows and doors on the ground floor. 
  • Glass break sensor: This sensor detects the sound of glass breaking and alerts via mobile notification. 
  • Smart locks allow keyless entry to your home via an app. Options include proximity unlocking with your smartphone, remote unlocking with your smartphone, custom code numbers for anyone who needs to enter your home, voice commands, and touch or fingerprint recognition.
  • Video doorbells have a camera that livestreams what it captures, sending notifications to your mobile device and showing a live feed of whoever is waiting on your doorstep.
  • Control panel: This device is used to activate and deactivate monitors. Your control panel is the central station for your entire security system, so it’s the most important piece of equipment in the system.
  • Smartphone access allows you to control and view your home security system from your phone or another wireless device.
  •  24/7 professional monitoring: An alarm goes to the company’s monitoring center where it is determined whether emergency services are required. If needed, the monitoring center contacts the appropriate dispatch center (fire, police, ambulance).


Benefits of an integrated security system:

There are a number of advantages to integrating your system.

  • Individualized solutions: One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to home security. An integrated security system gives you the flexibility to incorporate exactly what you need.
  • Ease of use: Manage all aspects and all access from one place through one program, usually remotely via an app on your smartphone.
  • Safety: An integrated security system means better protection for your home and family. 


By integrating your home security system, you’ll enjoy full access and control of your home’s security from anywhere in the world! Users can quickly see an alert, pull up a camera, delete a user or check an access log from their phone. Take advantage of the integrated security systems that have been developed. Protect your home and family. Install an integrated system today.


Interested in an integrated security system? Curious about smart home automation? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan. 


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Does a Smart Home Security System Help with Insurance Costs?

A home security system minimizes the risks of property theft and damage and is a good step toward ensuring your family’s safety from unknown events. Insurance companies recognize that security systems reduce the likelihood your home will be burglarized or suffer costly water or fire damage. Therefore, home security systems help lower home insurance costs. 


Add-ons reduce the rates:

Some smart home security features reduce your monthly insurance rate. Consider the following add-on features.

  • Smoke alarms and flood detectors that are connected to your security system help keep insurance costs down.  
  • Centrally monitored security systems (24/7) give immediate notifications if an alarm is triggered and the monitoring company contacts the authorities in serious situations. This level of coverage lets your family save money when insuring your home. 
  • Security cameras collect video footage that helps with theft or vandalism claims, expediting the process and helping catch offenders. Ask your insurance provider how much this feature can reduce your insurance rates. 


How much can you save?

Security systems help decrease the incidence of property damage and lower the risk of theft which can qualify homeowners for insurance discounts. The extent of the discount of your premiums will depend on the location of your home, the grade of your security features, and your chosen insurance provider. Discounts for traditional alarms range between 2 and 5%. An alarm system that is connected to a central monitoring system can save homeowners between 10% and 15% on insurance rates. A comprehensive home security system makes insurers feel more confident about your home safety and may reduce insurance premiums by as much as 20%. There’s no fixed equation on how each security feature will impact your home insurance rates so discuss your security system with your insurance broker and read your policies carefully.


Security systems do more than just protect your property. A home security system offers a reduction in insurance premiums along with a safer, more secure home. Ask your insurance provider which security system they recommend and enjoy discounts of up to 20%.


Want to reduce your home insurance premiums with a security system?  Interested in smart home automation? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan. 

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The Best Place to Install Smart Home Security Cameras

In 2019, 196,291 break-ins were recorded in Canada! In fact, a residential break-in happens every 90 seconds! Everyone wants their family and property to be protected. With the numerous indoor and outdoor security devices available, this is now possible. Security cameras can help stop home break-ins and keep your family and property safe from vandals and burglars. However, you need to strategize, position and install your cameras appropriately or you may not be as protected as you think. The following are a few tips for placing your security cameras where they’ll provide the best coverage.


Where should you install security cameras?

Catching thieves and criminals can only be done when your camera is put in the right location. While all homes are situated differently, most have high-traffic spots that are most vulnerable to break-ins. Consider which locations in and around your home will provide the widest viewing ranges. Place cameras to cover as many of these areas as possible. 

  • Front door: Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door. It’s also where package thieves strike. Place an exterior camera above or near your front door, facing downward so that it covers the area a few feet in front of the opening. For enclosed front porches, mount a camera in the corner, facing your entryway. 
  • Back and side doors: Nearly one-fourth of all break-ins happen through the back door. This entrance is usually out of sight, allowing undetected entry. It’s wise to add cameras to the back and side doors.
  • Off-street windows: 23% of burglars enter a home through a first-floor window, especially those that don’t directly face a street. Install exterior cameras above these entry points or use interior cameras that face the windows.
  • Garage and driveway: 9% of thieves enter through the garage. A camera pointed at your garage and/or driveway monitors another possible entryway into your home and helps detect suspicious activity. Protect your tools, bikes, cars, sports equipment and BBQ with a garage camera. 
  • Yard: A yard camera lets you view your children, animals, those passing by and trespassers. 
  • Interior common areas: Thieves are inclined to search for valuables in specific areas (kitchen, living room, master bedroom). Use cameras to watch over these spaces.
  • Stairway and/or hallway: Placing a camera in the main thoroughfares of your home makes it difficult for someone to move around undetected, even if they enter through an unmonitored entry point.


Tips to optimize camera placement: 

Once you decide upon locations for your cameras you need to place and install them to cover the intended area.

  • Install exterior cameras 8 to10 feet from the ground.
  • Don’t point cameras directly at the sun.
  • Decide whether you want the camera to be visible or hidden.
  • Keep interior cameras near the ceiling.
  • Hang indoor cameras in the corner of a room.
  • Screwing cameras directly into a wall is most secure.
  • Angle for indirect light (away from lamps, light fixtures, windows).
  • Make sure your cameras have reliable access to a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Ensure your camera does not capture areas where your neighbours have an expectation of privacy.


Smart home security cameras can be installed in multiple areas throughout your home. They’re a great addition to any home security system, providing 24/7 monitoring regardless of your location. Consider smart home security cameras for your yard, garage and dwelling. 


Interested in smart home security cameras for your place? Need advice on home security systems? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan. 

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The Features of a Smart Home Security Panel

Telus, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, has a long history of delivering innovative technologies to consumers. They offer security and automation solutions to help protect what matters most to you. Powered by their award-winning networks and controlled by a smartphone app, Telus security solutions provide integrated, flexible systems that will make you feel safe, empowered and in control.


The smart home security panel:

The smart home security panel provides protection for the things you value most, with simple integration and control of your smart security and home automation devices. The ADT Command touchscreen is where everything starts, stops and adjusts. This control panel offers a simple, easy-to-use design to operate your security system. Control all devices from your touchscreen and the ADT mobile app. ADT lab engineers put the security touchscreen panels through hundreds of hours of testing to ensure they’ll perform in real-life scenarios when your health and safety may be at stake. Each security touchscreen comes installed with proprietary ADT software to help meet high safety standards. The security panel:

  • Shows system status at a glance
  • Has simple tappable buttons to control your system 
  • Boasts intuitive controls
  • Quickly arms your system with the touch of a button
  • Calls for help in an emergency with a single button press
  • Supports dozens of smart devices simultaneously


Use the intuitive, wireless touchscreen keypad to open up a world of smart home capabilities for you and your family. Add indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras, smart lights, locks and thermostats, smoke detectors, even a garage door controller. Operate and interact with your home’s security system using this intuitive main control panel. 


Interested in a smart home security system? Want a simple, easy-to-use control panel to operate your security system? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan.