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What Is a Smart Home Alarm System and How Does it Work?

Are you aware of how many homes are broken into each year? In 2019, 196,291 break-ins were recorded in Canada! Breaking and entering continues to be one of the most common offences, accounting for 12% of property crimes. It’s no wonder house alarm systems have become increasingly popular, or that interest in smart home systems has grown.


What is a Smart Home Security System?

A smart home security system is a group of physical electronic components (such as security cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and sirens) that are interconnected to the Internet. They allow users to view live footage from a mobile app, receive notifications when alarms are triggered, and control the system remotely. Smart alarm systems empower homeowners to build their own network of security while retaining control, usually through their cell phones. These security systems are simple, convenient, and affordable.


What are the Basic Components of a Smart Security System?

  • Security camera: This component enables live-stream footage remotely and sends a notification when the camera detects movement, people or packages. 
  • Motion sensor: Usually placed in the main entryway on the ground floor of a home, this component detects motion and alerts the system. 
  • Entry sensor: This contact sensor is placed on a window and/or door and senses if that entry point is opened. Entry sensors are suggested for all windows and doors on the ground floor. 
  • Glass break sensor: This sensor detects the sound of glass breaking and alerts via mobile notification.
  • Siren: A siren usually goes off at the same time as other alarms and is intended to scare away intruders, alert you, and/or alert your neighbours.
  • Smart locks allow keyless entry to your home via an app.
  • Control panel: This device is used to activate and deactivate monitors.


Professional Monitoring: 

24/7 professional monitoring is frequently a part of a smart alarm system. An alarm goes to the company’s monitoring center and it is determined whether emergency services are required. If needed, the monitoring center contacts the appropriate dispatch center (fire, police, or ambulance). 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe. Secure your property from intruders, vandalism, and burglars. Protect every inch of your house while seeing what’s happening, in real-time, from your mobile device. Upgrade your home with the latest in technology by considering a smart security alarm system. It will have your back!

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