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Choosing a Custom SMART Home Security Solution

You’ve decided to purchase and install a smart home security system. You’d like the system to meet your individual needs. There are so many different components and technologies that can be incorporated. How do you know what to include in your custom smart home security solution?


There are a few basic questions that will help determine the right custom smart home security solution for you and your family: 


  • What type of dwelling do I reside in? (townhouse, single-detached house, semi-detached house, main or second floor of condo or apartment building, upper floor of a condo or apartment building)
  • What type of protection do I want? (from break-ins, environmental hazards, carbon monoxide, fire, flood)
  • Where do I want to monitor? (inside my home, outside my home, both)
  • What outdoor areas do I want to see with cameras? (front yard, back yard, garage, front door)
  • What indoor areas do I want to see with cameras? (living room, baby room, entrance)
  • How do I want to install the system? (self-installation or hire a professional)
  • How big is my home? (how many doors and windows, how many hallways)
  • Which entrances do I want to control (front door, back door, garage door)
  • Do I want to control the system remotely?
  • What is my family’s routine?
  • What is my budget?

The answers to these questions reveal what kind of features are best for you and how large and complex a system you need.


Professional vs. Self-installation

You have the choice to install your smart security system yourself or hire trained professionals. 


  • Professional installation: Home security companies send a trained professional to your home for a consultation and safety assessment. You’ll be able to discuss your security priorities, budget, and expectations. These professionals also offer product package bundling and years of industry experience. Professional help comes with an installation fee, but you won’t have to do any of the work.
  • Self-installation: Security systems are easier than ever to install without professional help. If you’re handy with tools, comfortable with basic home repairs and don’t mind spending a little time with online tutorials, you can likely install a basic smart security system yourself. Purchase a self-install kit with your chosen devices and necessary instructions. Install in your own time with online guidance and call in support.


Choose professional installation if you want:


  • Sensors for every door and window
  • Both indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • A scheduled appointment with a professional explaining your options
  • A variety of optional security devices (video doorbell, smart locks, glass break sensors, entry sensors, fire/smoke/CO detectors)


Choose self-installation if you want:


  • A simple system with a few window and door sensors
  • A single security camera
  • No installation fees 


Create your own customized home security plan by answering a few basic questions. Share the answers with our local security system specialist. They have the knowledge, experience and skills to determine the right custom system for you, help with installation and teach you how to use your automated home security system. Invest in a state-of-the-art monitoring system that meets your unique needs.