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Does a Smart Home Security System Help with Insurance Costs?

A home security system minimizes the risks of property theft and damage and is a good step toward ensuring your family’s safety from unknown events. Insurance companies recognize that security systems reduce the likelihood your home will be burglarized or suffer costly water or fire damage. Therefore, home security systems help lower home insurance costs. 


Add-ons reduce the rates:

Some smart home security features reduce your monthly insurance rate. Consider the following add-on features.

  • Smoke alarms and flood detectors that are connected to your security system help keep insurance costs down.  
  • Centrally monitored security systems (24/7) give immediate notifications if an alarm is triggered and the monitoring company contacts the authorities in serious situations. This level of coverage lets your family save money when insuring your home. 
  • Security cameras collect video footage that helps with theft or vandalism claims, expediting the process and helping catch offenders. Ask your insurance provider how much this feature can reduce your insurance rates. 


How much can you save?

Security systems help decrease the incidence of property damage and lower the risk of theft which can qualify homeowners for insurance discounts. The extent of the discount of your premiums will depend on the location of your home, the grade of your security features, and your chosen insurance provider. Discounts for traditional alarms range between 2 and 5%. An alarm system that is connected to a central monitoring system can save homeowners between 10% and 15% on insurance rates. A comprehensive home security system makes insurers feel more confident about your home safety and may reduce insurance premiums by as much as 20%. There’s no fixed equation on how each security feature will impact your home insurance rates so discuss your security system with your insurance broker and read your policies carefully.


Security systems do more than just protect your property. A home security system offers a reduction in insurance premiums along with a safer, more secure home. Ask your insurance provider which security system they recommend and enjoy discounts of up to 20%.


Want to reduce your home insurance premiums with a security system?  Interested in smart home automation? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan. 

Educational Articles

What TELUS Smart Security Products Should I Buy First?

Building a smart security system can seem daunting. There are so many home security products and all have advantages for homeowners. Many are interconnected, meaning that various devices integrate with each other for added features and benefits. It’s enough to boggle the mind and tax your wallet! However, a few relatively inexpensive TELUS Smart Security products can provide most of the home security you desire. It’s possible to start with one or two devices and go from there. 


  • Beginners package: Consider a secure, affordable video-only plan. It lets you check in on your home from anywhere, any time. Choose from an indoor camera, outdoor camera or doorbell camera. You can see who’s at the door or keep an eye on pets and family members with live video. Watch from anywhere, any time and know what’s happening both inside and around your home.
  • Smart automation package: This coverage includes the ability to control your alarm system from your smartphone with the SmartHome app, a choice of 2 automation devices (Smart thermostat, Smart plug for appliances, Smart plug for lighting, Garage door opener) and one security camera (indoor, outdoor or doorbell). This package lets you integrate smart home devices with a single app. 
  • Advanced protection package: A security camera that’s controllable from your smart device, a control panel, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor and 24/7 monitoring. Feel safe, knowing you have a professionally monitored service. Experts are ready to dispatch authorities (fire, police, ambulance) to protect your home if an alarm is triggered while you’re away.
  • Total protection package: A fully integrated system with cutting edge security devices, and control at your fingertips with smart home devices. This package includes 24/7 monitoring, a control panel, 1 camera, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor and 3 additional smart devices or sensors of your choice (smart thermostat, flood sensor, door/window sensor, motion sensor, smart lock, smoke detector, CO detector, smart plug, glass break sensor, garage door opener, arm/disarm keyring remote).
  • Personalize your package: Increase your home security coverage by adding a camera(s) and/or additional sensors to any package. Not sure which smart home security plan is right for you?  Answer a few basic questions about your home and security requirements and the experts can recommend a smart home security system with devices that meet your unique needs.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how to set up your home security system. If a smart smoke detector is more important to you than a motion sensor, then go for it. If you want both an indoor and outdoor security camera, that’s doable. TELUS offers custom, commercial-grade, state-of-the-art systems to meet your unique needs. They’ve been keeping Canadians safe and secure for nearly 150 years.


Interested in a smart home security system? Need advice on what alarm system is right for you? Contact SMART | Home Security. We’re a Calgary-based company partnering with TELUS, Canada’s leading provider of advanced home security systems. Call us at 587-800-1542. We’ll help you develop a customized home security plan.