What Does a Smart Home Security System Include?

Components of Telus Smart Security

A home monitoring system consists of many components that work together to keep you and your family safe. The following are the main security system components you should be aware of if you are considering investing in a smart home security system.


  • Security cameras: Surveillance cameras enable livestream footage remotely and send a notification to your device (through the use of an app) when the camera detects movement, people or packages. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and can often tilt and pan. Some are even equipped with night vision capabilities. Use these cameras to monitor your home and loved ones from wherever you are.
  • Motion sensors use vibration, infrared heat, microwave pulses or a combination of these to detect when an intruder enters a home. They’re usually placed in the main entryway on the ground floor notifying you when there are unusual movements within your property. Motion sensors can turn on indoor and outdoor lights, activate cameras, set off alarms and more.
  • Entry sensors: This contact sensor is placed on a window and/or door and senses if that entry point is opened, alerting your control panel if a door or window is breached. One piece of the component attaches to the door or window itself, while the counterpart is attached to the frame. Entry sensors are suggested for all windows and doors on the ground floor. 
  • Glass break sensors detect the frequency of the sound of breaking glass and alert via mobile notification. They let you know if someone attempts to enter your home by breaking the windows or glass doors. They’re placed indoors, near glass features and are an effective way to boost security. 
  • Smart locks allow keyless entry to your home via an app. Keyless entry options include proximity unlocking with your smartphone, remote unlocking with your smartphone, custom code numbers for anyone who needs to enter your home, voice commands, and touch or fingerprint recognition. These locks allow you to create permanent or temporary entry codes for visiting guests, cleaning services, dog walkers, repair services and individual members of your family.
  • Video doorbells have a camera that livestreams what it captures, sending notifications to your mobile device and showing a live feed of whoever is waiting on your doorstep. This makes it easy to communicate with visitors via an installed speaker, without having to open the door.
  • Control panel: This device is used to activate and deactivate monitors. Your control panel is the central station for your entire security system, so it’s the most important piece of equipment in the system.
  • Garage door security: Tilt sensors alert you when your garage door is opening and allow you to open and close your garage door from wherever you are. 
  • Smartphone access allows you to control and view your home security system from your phone or another wireless device.
  • Yard signs and window stickers placed prominently in front of and on your home help to deter intruders from entering.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring is frequently a part of a smart alarm system. An alarm goes to the company’s monitoring center where it is determined whether emergency services are required. If needed, the monitoring center contacts the appropriate dispatch center (fire, police, ambulance).

Keeping your home and family safe is a basic concern for most homeowners. Before purchasing a security system, it’s important to know about the components included so you can choose a system that’s strong in all areas and includes important security devices. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe. Secure your property from intruders, vandalism, and burglars with the latest in technology by considering a smart security alarm system. It will have your back!


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